Adelaide Zoo & Posing Pelicans

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that not only am I uncomfortable ‘in nature’ but never more so than when bird life is featured.  Pelicans are among my least favourite…it’s not their fault, it is all about ME! So, today I was able to bravely step closer to the exhibit with the relative safety of a fence between us……..I can appreciate their uniqueness, but they still freak me out!

6 thoughts on “Adelaide Zoo & Posing Pelicans

  1. I’m wondering what experiences you had in your youth that have caused a development of a fear and/or dislike of other wildlife that we share the Earth with.

    Pelicans are my favorite bird in the wild. When I first came to San Diego in April 1993, I expected to see lots of pelicans. Nary a one. For the last decade, ornithologists report a pelican explosion in Southern California, and I’m only too happy to be a part of it. I could watch pelicans all day long but my creditors wouldn’t be too happy……lol


    • Hmm….I guess I don’t dislike, I just fear! I had bad experiences with an aggressive duck as a child……but it is something in the eyes of birdlife….I can certainly understand the appeal! I hope you enjoy lots of pelican watching days.


      • I had two ducks as pets when I was 5. One duck, Quacker, constantly quacked loudly and liked to bite me. Alas, one winter morning in Utah, Quacker was nowhere to be found. Later that day we found him dead in the little river that ran by our place. It looked like the water had frozen while he was paddling along and trapped his feet in the ice. In his struggles, he died. I was so sad, and I think that experience caused me to have a greater appreciation for wildlife in my older years.


      • Oh no..poor Quacker!!! I certainly don’t want awful things to happen to any creature! I can’t recall the name of my tormentor, but he was a big white & red beaked Muskovy (?spelling) he only chased me, not my siblings… the family thought it was great sport to send me out with the scrap bucket….and they would laugh and laugh…….and that is a whole other story!


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