Adelaide Zoo & Meerkat Madness

The one of a kind white Meerkat

The one of a kind white Meerkat

As cute as they may be.....they are vicious too!

As cute as they may be…..they are vicious too!

It is impossible to miss these crazy critters….they are so full of energy and children especially delight in watching their antics. The Zoo Keeper working with them was more than happy to tell tales on and about these little guys……the days are never dull. The exhibit is at the foot of the Giraffe exhibit, so we spent a lot of time there as the Giraffe is my absolute favourite animal.

8 thoughts on “Adelaide Zoo & Meerkat Madness

  1. Meerkats are probably my favorite zoo animal while flamingos are my favorite zoo bird. In the wild here in San Diego, the pelican is my favorite bird. Since we don’t have many animals here in the wild, I guess I’ll choose the mountain lion as my favorite animal in the wild here.


    • Meerkats sure are cute and funny… know my thoughts on birds……as far as our native animals…the Koala is likely my favourite….I photographed one in it’s natural environment while on holiday recently and yes, I did leave the car and actually pursued it into the bush! (Well the bush on the roadside….but hey, I left the bitumen, it is a start! LOL)


      • I would like koalas if they didn’t sleep so much. The ones at the San Diego Zoo sleep more than Zoey the Cool Cat. Fortunately, I know when feeding time is: 9:00 a.m., when the Zoo opens, and they really are active then.


      • Yes, they are sleepy…..but also very damaging to our tree life here. Recently on holiday we visted Cape Otway and the trees there are all dead, stripped bare by the little cuties! It was very graphic to see it.


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