Adelaide Zoo & Wang Wang

Wang Wang (pictured) and Funi are the only Giant Pandas to live permanently in the Southern Hemisphere. We are lucky enough to have them near us in the Adelaide Zoo. Wang Wang is our favourite, based purely on the fact that he shares a birthdate with my crooked man. Wang Wang is a very laid-back and placid boy. Like all Giant Pandas, he loves to snooze but can usually roused by a fresh stalk of bamboo. The Giant Panda Exhibit at Adelaide Zoo is something to behold and I feel certain the Wang Wang and Funi are well cared for and like most, we hope that they are able to successfully breed.


Early morning is the best time to visit the Giant Pandas according to Zoo Keepers.





3 thoughts on “Adelaide Zoo & Wang Wang

    • When Wang Wang and Funi forst arrived at the Zoo, we had to book a time to see them, it was booked months in advance. I can imagine that will happen again should they have a baby Giant Panda! It will be very significant if it happens both from a conservation perspective, but also from a income flow perspective for the Zoo, it is struggling at present…..ironically since the construction of the Panda Exhibit.


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