Naracoorte World Heritage Listed Caves

Last week during our road trip to Mount Gambier, we made a stop at the Naracoorte World Heritage Listed Caves.  The stop was so that I could face my claustrophobia head on and go underground!!!! I did find the whole experience very confronting, BUT did it!!!! The support of my Crooked Man made all the difference and the bonus was that I got to see the beauty hidden away in the Wet Cave. The biggest challenge really was the steep, open metal steps into the cave opening.WC 1

4 thoughts on “Naracoorte World Heritage Listed Caves

  1. That is just stunning! My friends and girlfriend always make fun of me because I like caves so much, but you captured nicely why I love them!

    Kind regards,


    • Wow!, thanks so much for that comment, I hope I captured the beauty, calm and intrigue of the cave. I would love to say I will explore more, but I hate the feeling of being underground….not so bad if I know exactly where my exit is… who knows what will happen in future……perhaps you will need to share some of your experiences via photographs! Thanks again for stopping by. Have a grand weekend! 😀

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      • You are welcome 🙂 I haven’t visited that much caves.. My country doesn’t have any mountains.. Yeah I agree, it can be scary, so never go alone! Recently I visited some bunkers from the second world war at the beaches of the North Sea, The Netherlands. Most bunkers were connected underground and since it was 4AM and I was there all by myself I entered a few. But since nobody knew where I was at the time and my cellphone had no “bars” in the bunker, I realised I had to go out (read between the lines: it was scarry, but I won’t admit I was affraid 😉).

        I’ll soon post some photos off that trip! Have a grand weekend yourself! (i love that you say grand, is that typical?)


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      • I would not have gone into those bunkers, so you are already braver than I! I look forward to your photographs. I say Grand often, but I wouldn’t say it is typically Australian, if that is what you are asking me. Most Aussies would say something similar to ‘have a good weekend’ which is not all that original. I like to mix it up a bit. 😀


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