Adelaide Zoo & The Most Beautiful Animal: Giraffe

As previously stated, I am not a lover of animals.  I don’t hate them, but I don’t need to be immersed in Fauna. I love to hear about and often support their conservation and protest if they are harmed. I did never take my children to a Circus because I believe no animal would choose to live that life…, I guess I kinda like them……so long as I do not have to move among them….without the benefit of some sort of man made structure seperating us. Without doubt though, my favourite is the Giraffe…..I have long loved them. A few years back we went to the Monarto Zoo that houses the largest herd in Australia…..a trip I hope to make again soon. So, these photographs are of the two female Giraffes currently on rotation from Monarto to the Adelaide Zoo, please admire, Dharba and Kimya.

Giraffe 2

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